FIREARMS Courses & Training for actors

Bare Arms runs a series of firearms training courses for actors, performers and crew, as well as military and physical training in general.

From full-scale production boot camps, to one-on-one sessions and our industry leading Theatrical Firearms Courses. We can arrange in-house training for theatre cast and crew who want to know more about safety regarding firearms or want reassurance blocking safe action with firearms on stage.

Since 2017 we have been running regular TFCs in order to help make the industry a safer place as well as giving performers the confidence to handle real firearms. Small groups and a high instructor to student ratio ensure that everyone gets the necessary dedicated training time they need. Our courses are listed on Spotlight and can be added to a performers profile as a skill.

Through our resident PTI, Steve ‘Smudge’ Smith, we offer transformative physical training for performers looking to change their physique or increase performance for a role, as well as personalised characterisation sessions.

Bare Arms are one of the only training providers in the UK that trains with real firearms and live ammunition. A large number of firearms used on set are real and, if mishandled, can be incredibly dangerous.

Training live not only cements the safety aspects and exercises the discipline required to handle real guns, but it gives the performer unparalleled experience to draw on later when having to replicate the power of a firearm as part of that performance.

Because we train with live ammunition, Bare Arms only trains professional performers & crew.