Continue your firearms training with Bare Arms

Once students have successfully completed the first level TFSC to a safe standard, they can book onto more advanced courses and revision sessions. These courses are run throughout the year and are only available to continuing students.

Our advanced courses are broken down into three disciplines;


Performance courses are dry-fire and are focused on getting students to move tactically in and around obstacles. Modules include clearing rooms and buildings, working in small teams and manipulating weapons in a close quarters environment. These courses are designed to get performers to look like trained soldiers or armed police.


Technical courses are a continuation of the live fire training from the TFSC and introduce students to new weapons, advanced techniques plus more hands on training with some of the weapons from the first course.

Motion Capture Mocap weapons for a video game, Bare Arms armourers


Crew courses are designed for stage crew such as stage managers and prop hands who have to handle weaponry as part of their job. The are more theory based and go into subjects such as armoury management, risk assessments and safe handling in a stage environment.

For more information on any of these courses, please email