Theatrical Firearms Course:
Level 2 - ADVANCED

Continue your firearms training with Bare Arms

Once students have successfully completed the first level Basic TFC, they can book onto the second level. The Advanced TFC takes the principles of firearms safety and weapons handling from the first course, developing them further whilst introducing the building blocks of military tactics. Students will now have to work together to manoeuvre effectively through the ranges, communicating as they go in order to maintain ammunition and a good rate of fire. The course also introduces new weapon types such as shotguns, revolvers and lever-action rifles.

The L2 Advanced course is held at the same place as the L1 Basic course, The Tunnel Target Sports Centre in Dorset. It is more physical than the first course, so performers will need to be reasonable active in order to get the most out of it. The students will also be introduced to performing scenarios whilst wearing helmets and body armour, learning how protection can change body mechanics and shooting stances.

Two students learning to work together on the L2 Advanced Theatrical Firearms Course
Bare Arms Theatrical Firearms Course - Advanced L2