Bare Arms has been designed to function as a production bolt-on that works across departments, assisting all HODs, providing a set of joined-up services that are more efficient and cost effective, saving both time and money. Our network of advisers know where to get the people and the equipment required to create anything from armed police raids, to full-scale WW2 battles. From development, all the way through to post production, they can be on hand to answer any questions.

The Bare Arms advisers are the bedrock of our services. Each of them has spent significant time in either the armed forces, the police service or a unique speciality such as the prison service. They are carefully matched to each production depending on the area of speciality required. They are all personable, flexible, professional problem solvers who understand the needs of a production and know where to position themselves to achieve the maximum effect. 

Bare Arms are the industry’s premiere firearms instructors. As well as running frequent courses for performers, our instructors have trained key cast for various high level film and television productions. Get the most out of your cast by making them confident and effective on screen by hiring Bare Arms to create a bespoke bootcamp.

Bare Arms has a roster of highly trained supporting artists, a mixture of ex-forces and trainee stunt performers. They are a vital addition to any production as they are safe and professional with firearms, as well as being able to create complex, thrilling action sequences in minimal time. Always working in close-knit, self-managed teams, they can really make the difference to long hard days. Disciplined, hard-working and highly effective.

In conjunction with The Tunnel, Bare Arms is authorised to provide Section 5 firearms to the theatrical industries. We are consultant armourers to the English National Opera and can provide safe technical solutions to creative challenges. Blank-firing, gas-powered, black-powder, deactivated and rubber dummy weapons are all part of our arsenal. We work across theatre, television, film and even games, with each sector requiring a different approach. Bare Arms armourers are intelligent and approachable and each one is an instructor with military experience.

Kitting out entire squads of soldiers and armed police or finding hero uniforms for key cast, Bare Arms can supply complete era accurate uniforms, including all the props and accessories that go along with it. Body armour, helmets, kit and equipment. We can supply both costume and art department everything required, from head to toe. Combined with our military supporting artists we can take away a lot of the headache of fittings.

Big ticket items like Spitfires and tanks are difficult to find in working order, but are worth the effort for the huge value they have on-screen. Bare Arms has a black-book of museums and collectors who are willing to rent out their collections, as well as the logistical expertise to get them anywhere in the world and move them safely around set. We also have access to a wealth of military locations throughout the UK for filming, unit base locations and rehearsals, as well as the ability to help streamline applications to the MOD.

Bare Arms can obtain, supply and deliver everything required for a production to put together a full-scale war on screen, faster and under-budget. Military advisers, armourers & firearms, specialist performers, uniforms, vehicles and locations. Talk to us to find out how we can best support your production.

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