Specialist Performers: Military Supporting artists

Bare Arms Specialist Performers are coordinated teams selected from an elite roster of current and former serving military personnel, complimented with trainee stunt performers and professional actors. They fill a niche for skilled performers with credible tactical training that is in demand from high-end productions and games.

All of our performers are firearms trained to a high standard, either through military service or training via the Bare Arms in-house Theatrical Firearms Courses. By using highly trained and experienced personnel, usually combined with a firearms and tactics adviser, our teams can put together complex sequences with the minimum amount of planning and rehearsal time. This has often made the difference between finishing on schedule, or moving into costly overtime.

We have numerous specialities within our roster; police, close-protection and bodyguards, dog-handlers and dogs, drill instructors and marching troops. Pilots and drivers with specialist licences such as large trucks, tanks, 4x4s etc. In the unlikely event we don’t have what you need, we have a great military network and can find it quickly.

“On 'Baghdad Central', Bare Arms played American soldiers, multinational mercenaries and even dead bodies. They did so with humour, focus and lots of energy, which meant I could shoot lots more than I planned to.”
Ben Williams
Baghdad Central, Bare Arms specialist performers playing mercenaries

Our teams can portray soldiers, armed police and security services of any era and nationality, adapting tactics and training to suit the scene. As members of the team frequently have real-life combat experience to draw upon, they can easily enrich a sequence by adding a large amount of realism and detail. Most importantly, they are safe and professional during high intensity sequences where real weapons and blanks are being used in close proximity to lead actors. Producers and directors often comment on our performers’ ability to take direction well, to adapt to the rapid pace of film sets and their discipline and professionalism throughout arduous shoots.

As our teams contain professional actors, our performers are often asked to take on walk-on roles, small roles with dialogue (scripted and improvised) and on some occasions, minor cast parts at short notice. Frequently stunt coordinators will utilise our performers as a reliable buffer between the action and background, or close to their stunt performers if required. Overall they bring a level of quality and adaptability to a production that is unparalleled. They are equally at home on sound stage, overseas or in a motion capture/mocap volume.

"I have a habit of calling on extras to give a line here or there and all of the guys could give a proper performance. They had all thought about and thoroughly researched the characters in our story so they could always be relied upon to know whatever part of the story we were shooting. They became so good in fact that we sometimes used them to double for our main cast."
“Bare Arms were professional, knowledgeable and punctual as well as good performers in front of camera. The 1st Assistant Director was very pleased with their action on set and the adviser’s guidance. I will be using Bare Arms in the future and would not hesitate to recommend them to other productions.”
Christian Rigg
Bare Arms Specialist Supporting Artists playing Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officers (CTSFO) on The Bodyguard
Bodyguard - CTSFO Sniper, Bare Arms Specialists Performers
Motion Capture / Mocap Performers for Video Games, military performers
"Just in terms of the Esprit de Corps, the Bare Arms guys contributed massively to the positive upbeat focussed energy of the shoot which was absolutely necessary when we were filming in the toughest of conditions. They were out there in desert heat of up to 50 degrees without a complaint.”