Military and Technical Advisers

Bare Arms advisers are the bedrock of our services. Each of them has spent significant time in either the armed forces or the police service and are carefully matched to each production depending on the area of speciality required. They are all personable, flexible and professional problem solvers who understand the specific needs of a production.

We have staff members from the Army, RAF and Navy, as well as the UK and Canadian special forces. Helicopter, fixed-wing and fast jet pilots, tank commanders, submariners, Royal Marine Commandos, Paratroopers, bomb disposal officers, armed police, Met Detectives and uncover operatives including the security services are all part of the extensive Bare Arms team of specialist advisers.

In the unlikely event we don’t have an adviser with the particular speciality you need, we have the network to find you one in a matter of hours.

Script advising

Most of our involvement with large projects can start at a very early stage. Being on hand to help writers and producers research historical detail, as well as providing helpful insights into technical language and realism, can avoid problems further down the line. Adding flesh to action sequences and suggesting realistic alternatives can be useful springboards. All of our advisers understand that story comes first, but will add as much realism with the understanding of how it can affect the narrative structure and tempo.

Pre-Production training & Bootcamps

Getting your cast to operate as a team can pay huge dividends during filming, both in terms of portraying esprit de corps on screen, but also in real world terms. When filming is arduous this can make the difference between a cast surviving or thriving under difficult conditions. Tried and testing military techniques and training can make the difference, as well as helping the cast understand their characters better. Bootcamps are tailored to each production and can give the actors the chance to embed themselves into the ethos and culture of the era and service their characters are inhabiting.

Firearms Training for Cast

Actors who are comfortable and proficient with the weapons they handle on screen are safer and more believable than those with only basic familiarisation training. Becoming competent can take a number of days and is best done away from the restrictions and distractions of set. Specific training tailored to the character that they are portraying can unlock an actor’s understanding of a scene and provide them with a wealth of knowledge that they can bring to bear at a later stage.

Scene Blocking & Rehearsal

Action sequences can be complicated, especially if there are multiple moving parts and critical timings. Rehearsals can be crucial in blocking scenes so that everyone can hit the ground running on the day, saving precious time on camera. Without training and rehearsals, drill sequences are notorious for being almost impossible to achieve in good order. A day with one of our instructors/advisers can save a lot of time and money.

On Set Advising

Having technical advisers on set is the best way to get the best out of a scene with the minimum fuss. Our advisers have acted as everything from 3rd ADs to 2nd Unit Directors on occasion. Their main roles are to help the 1st AD coordinate complex military scenes, assist the director with any questions and help the cast with protocol and firearms handling. They also assist costume and art department wherever required and are another pair of eyes when it comes to spotting and correcting continuity errors.

POST production, editing & adr

A number of unintended problems can occur during post production without an adviser on hand. ADR and crowd dialogue inaccuracies, sound design and foley irregularities as well as continuity errors can creep in. Whilst utilised less often than pre-production and production. It can undo some of the hard work during filming if an adviser is absent.