Video Games & Motion Capture

Bare Arms provides military advisers, performers and weaponry to the games industry, helping AAA+ rated titles to be more accurate and realistic than previously possible.

Crossfire X HD - Bare Arms provide advisers performers and firearms to the games industry

The increased fidelity and accuracy of computer games has partly been the driving force for the same movement within the film industry over the last two decades. Most games are created in ‘The Volume’ a Mocap studio without the same limitations as their physical counterparts. Performers have to recreate almost every aspect of their character and environment, and any realistic props or assistance with physicality can really bring the scenes to life.

Military Advisers are key at every stage of the process, from helping designing characters’ loadouts to writing realistic dialogue and assisting with authentic game mechanics. Having an adviser with an eye for detail can breathe life into characters and environments.

Specialist Performers

Using specially trained performers who have military and firearms experience mean that it is more innate to recreate weapons recoil, the body mechanics of carrying a heavy load or wearing armour. Complex movements are recorded with ease and in a repeatable fashion, meaning less work for animators later on.

Armourers & Weapons

Using the correct weaponry that matches the game weapons, allows performers to recreate their characters body mechanics more easily, resulting in cleaner data for animators to work with. Using weapons that give recoil and some noise, allow the performers to react more realistically.